Dick York, once the befuddled husband Darrin on "Bewitched," is now a critically ill shut-in and nearly destitute but he still works tirelessly for the homeless. "I feel wonderful. It's just my body that's dying," York told the Los Angeles Times in his home in Rockford, Mich.

"Three whales get in trouble and people from all over volunteer to help. Wouldn't it be wonderful if one old has-been actor with a hose up his nose (for oxygen) could help millions of people?"York, 60, has emphysema and a chronic back problem that led to a now-cured addiction to painkillers but he constantly works the phone to get donations of clothes and supplies for the nation's homeless. "He's very ill but he finds his way around the country by phone," says James Nauta, a Salvation Army official in Grand Rapids. "People listen. When he talks, they respond."

York and his small group, Acting for Life (P.O. Box 499, Rockford, Mich., 49341) now want to urge Congress to open homeless shelters in military bases scheduled to be closed.