A compromise over who should have the last say over administrative rules - the Legislature or the executive branch - has started on its way to the governor's office, opening the way for a governor's veto of an earlier bill.

HB408, a compromise to a much-tougher HB154, passed the House Monday by a 57-9 vote, and now goes to the Senate for action.The bill would allow the Legislature to review all rules and regulations enacted by the executive branch and cause to expire those that lawmakers did not approve of. HB154 is a bill that would have given lawmakers much greater control over executive rules and regulations.

Rather than risk a nasty fight with the governor, who had promised to veto the measure, a compromise bill was introduced that Bangerter has promised to sign.

Lawmakers have complained about rules enacted by state agencies and departments that contradict laws passed by the Legislature or were defeated by the Legislature when they were introduced as legislation.