The battle over buses and booze is now headed to the Senate.

The House Monday voted 53-20 in favor of a bill that would allow passengers in limousines and charter buses to consume their own alcohol, provided they are of legal age."Let's get the drunken driver off the roads and into the back of a limousine or bus where he belongs," said Rep. Ray Nielsen, D-Fairview, arguing the measure is a public safety one, not a moral one.

That didn't stop some conservative lawmakers from attempting amendments to discourage the consumption of alcohol. "Young people are more susceptible to acquiring habits detrimental to their health," said Rep. Ronald Ockey, R-Salt Lake.

"We are different from the rest of the world," added Rep. Frank Knowlton, R-Layton. "And that's not all bad."

Both Ockey's amendment to prohibit alcohol consumption if a minor was present and an amendment by Rep. Grant Protzman, D-North Ogden, to put limo and bus drivers under the same "dram shop" liabilities as taverns failed to pass.