With apologies to Shakespeare, some Utah officials think an office by another name might cause more cash registers to ring.

House Speaker Nolan Karras, R-Weber, has the support of Gov. Bangerter on a proposed bill to change the name of the state Department of Business Regulation to the Department of Commerce."This bill gives new emphasis to the proper role of the department - which is to enhance commerce in the state through prudent regulation," says Bangerter. "The department does not regulate for the sake of regulation. It regulates in areas necessary to protect the public and to foster legitimate business.

The Utah House of Representatives this week gave unanimous approval to the name change. Now, the Senate should OK the measure with equal speed.

Dave Buhler, executive director of the state's business regulation department, said the whole aim of his department is to help businesses grow and enjoy success in Utah.

Buhler thinks bearing a name with a more positive connotation, like commerce, makes more sense than emphasizing a negative connotation, like regulations.

And in an era when governments at all levels are trying to slash bureacratic red tape, such a move - especially one that carries little or no financial impact - should be applauded.

In addition, the new name is shorter. The old name had 30 letters. The proposed name is less of a mouthful with just 20 letters.

With just days left to complete legislative business, lawmakers should quickly get in line to support this departmental name change.