Uh huh. I thought so. Reading lips isn't easy. When it gets right down to it, it's pretty tough to tell one set of lips from another.

It takes skill. Well, OK, a lot of good guesswork. Our two winners correctly matched four of the six sets of lips to their Utah County owners (see correct answers at right).Sharon Nelson, Provo, is the winner of a certificate for dinner for two at Sundance's Grill Room.

Nelson is a professional house parent to three handicapped adult women. She and her husband, Howard, have four daughters. She said she figured the darkest prints were made by women who were used to wearing lipstick.

Lois D. Ashby, Provo, an administrative assistant at Utah Power & Light Co.'s Southern Region office in American Fork, will receive a gift certificate to Adrian's in the Excelsior Hotel. Ashby wanted me to be sure to mention her boss, Lee Drew. Hi Lee!

"It was a fun little exercise," Ashby said. How did she correctly match lips to their owners? "I just looked at it," Ashby said. "I knew a couple of the people." Hmm. I guess who you know does count.

Apparently the clues I gave didn't help a lot; most people who entered the contest correctly matched only one pair of lips to an owner.

If you know Raylene Ireland, you probably guessed that the clue "set of lips No. 5 belongs to someone who loves a party" was about her. Ireland does love a party - the Republican Party; she is a Utah County Republican chairwoman.

Of course, you might have thought the second clue, "Set 2 belongs to a person who receives a lot of lip from constituents," was about Ireland, who is Provo Mayor Joe Jenkins' administrative assistant. Or you might have thought it referred to newly elected Utah County Commissioner Sid Sandberg. The clue actually referred to American Fork City Councilman Curt Brinkman.

It was interesting to note to whom certain lips were most often matched: Set No. 1, those smiling, perfect lips, were most often paired with Deseret News columnist Janene Baadsgaard. Actually, they belong to Bob Walz, the "sexiest man in Utah County" (according to an informal poll taken by Deseret News Bureau Chief Mike Morris a couple of years ago). Who would have guessed?

Thanks go to Jason Overman, Raylene Ireland, Curt Brinkman, Janene Baadsgaard, Bob Walz and Sid Sandberg for being willing to put their lips on the line for a little fun. And, thanks to our readers who were willing to give lip reading a try.