Lt. Terry Fox of the American Fork Police Department says he has been looking for a big marathon to run in ever since he ran in the 1987 St. George Marathon, which featured 2,000 runners.

He's found one. On March 5, Fox will run in the Los Angeles Marathon, along with 16,999 other runners. Fox says that, unlike other marathons he has participated in, this one is just for fun."It's a real party," Fox said. "They say you see things you won't believe. It should be quite an experience after St. George." Fox will be carrying a disposable camera just in case he sees any really unbelievable sights.

Fox has been running marathons for four years. He runs 29 to 45 miles per week, and before a race increases his distance to 55 miles. Fox says running helps him handle job stress; he also says it makes him feel good.

"I like getting high on my own body fluids - adrenalin and endorphins," Fox said.