In a move to complete the four-year phase-out of the industrial engineering department, University of Utah officials have renamed the school's department of mechanical and industrial engineering.

The new name will be the department of mechanical engineering. The change was approved at the U. Institutional Council Monday.The final 18 seniors in industrial engineering will graduate in June.

David W. Hoeppner, department chairman, said the industrial engineering department first ran into accreditation troubles in 1979. It became one of the casualties of a series of budget cuts imposed on the U. in the 1980s.

In 1985, the national Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology put industrial engineering on probation, saying it needed more funds to make it a viable program.

Hoeppner, who didn't originally favor the program's elimination, said the phase-out was started when it became obvious that additional money was not available.

Some of the industrial engineering-related courses will remain part of the mechanical engineering curriculum and new ones will probably be added.