Business educators must ensure that America's executives have the knowledge, commitment and management skills to manage successfully, says the dean of the University of Utah Graduate School of Business and College of Business.

Dr. John W. Seybolt, professor of management, says the Age of the Entrepreneur has produced men and women with "good ideas and a lot of energy, but long-range business success requires strong management skills as well."In an article published in Utah Business magazine, Seybolt refers to a statement by management guru Peter Drucker that instinct and reflex are important, but deliberation and considered judgement are more critical for management success.

The nation's business schools do their jobs well when they instill these qualities into today's business executives, says Seybolt, a nationally recognized authority on organizational behavior and humanizing the workplace.

He says the linchpin for Utah's future economic growth is the development of a new generation of more diverse, more innovative and more visionary young managers.