A woman and her former boss say they were wrongfully fired because she has a mustache, and he didn't make her get rid of it.

Licia Joy Galinsky, 30, and her former supervisor, Roy A. Peterson, filed the complaint Thursday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.The complaint is against both the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and the pair's employer, an audio-visual services company that has a contract with the hotel.

Hotel officials did not comment because litigation was likely, they said, and the audio-visual company, Atlanta-based Total Audio Visual Services Inc., was not reachable late Thursday.

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Galinsky said she would dye or shave the mustache to save her job and did dye it a month ago. But she was fired anyway because of a request by Ritz-Carlton, she said.

She also said she had mixed feelings about the pressure over her facial hair.

"I am proud of my mustache," Galinsky said."

A Feb. 22 memo sent to Peterson by Ritz-Carlton officials altered the hotel's personal appearance standards "to specifically deem as unacceptable the matter of facial hair on female employees."

Peterson said the company fired him for mismanagement because he "should have known that there was a problem with Galinsky's mustache."