A couple has survived a northern Idaho trek in below-zero temperatures after running out of food at a wilderness cabin.

The two had run out of food at the cabin and decided to pull up stakes at the end of January, but their truck broke down and food ran short.San Francisco native Randy Miller, 31, and his wife, Laurie, 27, left a note Sunday at a cabin at the Clearwater Gold and Copper Camp, saying they were going to Missoula Lake and ultimately to Superior, Mont.

After hiking some distance, they decided to turn back to Clearwater. They left from there again on Monday, but instead of taking the trail to Missoula Lake, they hiked west to Red Ives Ranger Station, leaving a note about their destination.

Their timing could not have been worse. They hiked on snowshoes as the deep freeze that dropped temperatures well below zero raced through the area.

Joe Avery, the contact the Millers made to start their hermit existence, went to their cabin at Clearwater Tuesday and saw the note. He bedded for the night and then spent Wednesday tracing the route the Millers indicated they would follow.

Avery, a logger-trapper from Pine Creek, boarded a helicopter from Fairchild Air Force base at 7:45 a.m. Friday. A little more than two hours later, he found the couple and their two German shepherds in a cabin at Red Ives, where they had stayed since Thursday.

The Millers were flown to Henry L. Day Hospital in Silverton, where they were reported in good health and spirits.