Dr. Homer F. Royle has given Norma Jean Nerdin a new life twice.

Twelve years ago, Royle resuscitated Nerdin moments after she was struck by a pickup truck on her way home from school.Friday, Royle performed Nerdin's wedding ceremony in the Provo LDS Temple.

"It's been 12 years of a lot of planning and hoping and helping a very young child who was innocent about the world to find her way," Royle said. "A long time ago I told her `You're a cute little girl, I hope you'll have the opportunity to be married in the temple.' "

Friday that dream came true as Royle performed the ceremony uniting Nerdin and Dirk Courtney Morris.

On Feb. 14, 1977, Nerdin, who was in kindergarten, was on her way home from Forbes Elementary School in American Fork when she realized she had taken the wrong sack of valentines. Nerdin proceeded across the street to exchange the sack with another child when she was hit by the truck.

Royle heard the squeal of tires from inside his home, located near the intersection, and looking out his front window, saw Nerdin's crumpled body lying on the street outside.

"She was thrown 60 feet, and when I found her she was in the throes of death," Royle said. "I could see that the minutes at our disposal were few."

Royle began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Nerdin, who was unconscious. Moments later, she began to stir, her eyes opened and she started to cry. An ambulance arrived and Nerdin was taken to American Fork Hospital. She suffered extensive superficial skin wounds in the accident but made a complete recovery.

Since then, Royle and Nerdin have remained steady valentines.> "There hasn't been a Valentine's Day we haven't been together," Royle said. Nerdin always bakes goodies for Royle and they exchange valentines; Royle says the two also get together at Christmas and other occasions throughout the year.

Royle told Nerdin when she was 7 that he hoped she would get married some day in the temple, and that he hoped he could perform the ceremony.