A total of 3.9 million turkeys were raised in the Beehive State during 1988, up 5 percent from the 1987, says the Utah Agricultural Statistics Service.

State statistician Delroy Gneiting said Utah turkey growers intend to raise 3.75 million of the table birds this year, or 4 percent less than in 1988.The actual number of turkeys raised in 1989 may vary depending on growers' costs and prices received for turkeys in the next few months, he said.

Nationally, the number of turkeys raised in 1988 in 20 major production states reached 232 million, or about the same as in 1987.

Gneiting said those 20 states, which account for 96 percent of the turkeys raised, intend to raise 247 million turkeys in 1989 - up 7 percent.