An airline ticket agent piled up 1.7 million bonus air miles via computer without leaving the ground, then sold the credits for more than $20,000, according to a published report.

Ralf Kwaschni, 28, was arrested Sunday when he arrived for work at Kennedy International Airport and was charged with computer tampering and grand larceny, authorities said.Kwaschni, a ticket agent for Lufthansa Airlines, used to work for American Airlines, the Daily News reported Monday. Police said he used his computer access code to create 18 fake American Airline Advantage Accounts - racking up 1.7 million bonus air miles, according to the newspaper.

All 18 accounts, five in Kwaschni's name and 13 under fake ones, listed the same post office box, according to the newspaper.

Instead of exchanging the bonus miles for all the free travel, Kwaschni sold some of them for $22,500 to brokers, who used the credits to get a couple of first-class, round-trip tickets from New York to Australia, two more between London and Bermuda and one between New York and Paris, the newspaper said.