Two left-wing members of parliament say recent attacks by Jewish settlers on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are the work of a "very efficient and well-armed" settler militia that should be disbanded.

Settler leaders on Sunday denied the existence of an organized militia, but warned that if the army does not take harsher measures to end the Palestinian uprising, local settler groups could feel forced to act on their own.The lawmakers' letter to Attorney General Yosef Harish was sent Sunday after 40 settlers stormed into a Palestinian mayor's office to protest stoning attacks on settlers' cars.

"We are calling on the attorney general to break up this militia," said Yossi Sarid, who wrote the letter with Dedi Zucker. Both belong to the left-wing Citizens Rights Movement.

Sarid said bands of settler vigilante groups began to form a few months ago in response to Palestinian attacks on some of the 70,000 Jewish settlers who uneasily share the occupied lands with 1.7 million Arabs.