Box Elder County Auditor Doris Olsen, in a surprise move that culminated a tense relationship with county commissioners, has announced her resignation effective March 3.

"I have felt the weight of the position and I think it's time to move on," said Olsen, who has served as county auditor for the past 10 years.County Commissioner Bob Valentine said her resignation, which comes nearly two years before her elective term ends, caught commissioners off guard.

"We were all somewhat aghast," he said.

Olsen is the county's first auditor and may be the last. With her resignation, the County Commission is considering incorporating those duties with those of the county clerk. That was how things were before Olsen took office in 1979.

Olsen acknowledged the commission has had its differences with Ol-sen, but he praised her for a "commendable job.

"It's been because of her that I think the county . . . has attained and maintained a state of very sound fiscal posture," he said.

About her relationship with the County Commission, Olsen would say only that "there have been a lot of peaks and a lot of valleys."

Olsen said Tuesday the commission asked her to reduce her own office staff of 3.5 employees by one person, something she has not yet done.