Fashion doll Barbie turned 30 Monday, but she's showing far fewer signs of age than the generations of little girls who have grown up with her and made her a childhood tradition.

Only Barbie's face has changed since she debuted in 1959 as a haughty, unsmiling fashion model, said Candace Irving, spokeswoman for Barbie's creator, MattelToys of Hawthorne, Calif.She gained a slight smile in 1967 and, 10 years later, a more confident smile, stemming in part from the feminist movement, Irving said. "It's also the first time you see Barbie's teeth and, yes, they're white and perfect, of course," she said.

But the leggy blonde hasn't gotten any older, although she doesn't like to reveal her exact age.

And how does Barbie keep her model's figure and smooth skin after 30 years?

"She's 11 1/2 inches of plastic, and she lives right," Irving said.

Company officials denied rumors that Barbie and her boyfriend Ken might get married, even though they've dated for 28 years and her wedding dress is one of her best-selling outfits.