Inventors whose innovations range from the moldboard plow to the magnetic resonance imager will be added to the National Inventors Hall of Fame this weekend. Induction ceremonies are scheduled for Sunday at the U.S. Patent Office, home of the hall of fame.

Scheduled to be inducted on Sunday are:

-John Deere, born in 1804 in Rutland, Vt., developer of the moldboard plow. Addition of the moldboard to the standard plow improved the ability of the tool to turn over the soil.-George Westinghouse, for the invention of the steam-powered brake for railroads. Westinghouse was born in Central Bridge, N.Y., in 1846.

-Irving Langmuir of Brooklyn, N.Y., who developed the gas-filled incandescent electric lamp. He was born in 1881.

-Raymond Damadian of Forest Hills, N.Y., who won a patent for the magnetic resonance imaging scanner in 1974. The scanner is used in medical diagnosis.