Two money bags containing $365,000 fell out of an armored truck in Burlington, Vt., so Dominic and Mildred Olio did what came naturally - they picked them up and took them to police.

"We did what we felt we should do," said Olio, 78."My husband's just too honest," said his 65-year-old wife.

The Olios will receive a reward for their honesty, said Jerry Reeder, president of the Berkshire Armored Car Co., from his Pittsfield, Mass., office.

"We are very grateful to that couple," he said.

The Olios were driving down Main Street when the bags fell out of the truck Friday.

"The driver sped up just past the Prospect Street traffic light and he must have hit a bump because a door flew open and the bags fell out," Olio said.

The armored truck kept going, but Olio turned around and retrieved the bags.

"They were pretty heavy, probably weighed 40 or 50 pounds between 'em," said the retired mailman, who took the bags to the police department.