The Army is proceeding with an environmental impact statement on the planned incineration of old chemical stocks at the Tooele Army Depot, the depot reported this week.

The Army plans to destroy existing chemical weapons supplies at eight mainland locations, including TAD, and at Johnston Island in the Pacific.The nation's chemical arsenal will be restocked with newer binary weapons, said to be safer because they store chemical components of the nerve agents separately and mix them only upon use.

The Army completed a environmental impact statement on the overall incineration program in January 1988. That study identified on-site incineration as the best disposal alternative in terms of protecting the environment.

The Undersecretary of the Army decided a month later that on-site burning was also the safest, most secure and logistically supportable alternative for the eight mainland storage sites, TAD said.

From January through July 1988, discussions were held with Congress on whether the Army had looked at enough information, and the Army agreed to do studies at each specific site to see if any new or additional information would change the earlier decisions.

The Army will then certify the results of these studies to Congress before proceeding.