Two men charged in connection with the $3.5 million Timpanogos Community Mental Health scandal have pleaded not guilty to related charges,

while a third defendant has asked for a week's delay before entering a plea.Carl V. Smith, former Timp Mental Health specialty programs director, and former business manager Craig W. Stephens entered not-guilty pleas Friday during arraignment before 4th District Judge George E. Ballif. Glen Brown, the center's former executive director, will enter a plea next week before a separate district judge.

Ballif recused himself from presiding over Brown's arraignment "because of my long-term association with Mr. Brown," the judge said. "I've known him all my life, and we've been associated with various matters over the years."

Ballif said he has received no requests to grant separate trials for the defendants, who face 117 felony counts. But attorney Max Wheeler, representing Stephens, said Ballif should consider dismissing himself from hearing the other defendants' trial as well.

Wheeler said Brown may end up being a witness during his client's trial and that Brown's conduct while working at Timp Mental Health likely will be an issue considered during trial. Ballif scheduled Feb. 24 for argument on the matter.

The defendants, who resigned last April, were charged in October after a six-month investigation by the attorney general's office.

Brown faces nine felony counts of misusing public money and eight felony theft counts. Smith faces 25 counts each of felony misuse of public money and theft, and one count of state income tax evasion. Stephens faces 24 counts each of felony misuse of public money and theft and one count of state tax evasion.