The weatherman was hanging his head Friday after fessing up that Utah is in for more cold, snowy weather this weekend and for most of next week.

Still, temperatures won't be quite as frigid as last week when arctic air from the "Alaskan Clipper" storm front made thermometers drop and plumbing burst.William J. Alder, meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service's Salt Lake office, says Utahns should expect scattered snow throughout the weekend, with temperatures rising to the lower 30s and dropping to low 20s.

"Your valentine will probably have a little frost on it, too, as we don't expect to see temperatures climb into the 40s until after Tuesday, Valentine's Day. They could hit the 40s by Wednesday," Alder said, sounding unhappy.

"I don't see any significant warming trends for another week."

Most of Utah's valleys had some snow Friday, about a half inch to an inch, Alder said. "The ski resorts reported varying amounts. Snowbird and Alta had 3 inches, the southern resorts had about 2 inches. An area called Duck Creek near Cedar City had 12 inches."

Utahns are not alone in their discomfort. Chilly weather prevailed through most of the East Friday. New England had subzero temperatures, and while North Miami, Fla., had the high temperature Friday of 82 degrees, freeze warnings were issued in other parts of Florida.

The snow is tapering off in Southern California, but a snow advisory remained in effect for the Owens Valley in the southern part of the state.