A shot was fired into the outside wall of the gymnasium at Thomas Jefferson Junior High School, 5850 S. 56th West, Friday about 9:15 a.m.

No one was injured, but the school was put into "lock down" meaning all classroom doors and outside doors were secured and guarded, keeping anyone from entering or leaving.School spokesman Chris Stoker said one person was taken into custody by Salt Lake County deputy sheriffs after the incident.

According to one official, a teacher saw a boy with a knife in the school. He reported it to the school office and an assistant principal and others ran in pursuit of the boy, who fled from the building.

The youth took a pistol and fired it over the heads of the pursuers, hitting the building, according to the official.

All of the students were in classrooms taking SAT tests, Stoker said.

The shooting occurred about 10 feet from the school on the west side of the building, she said. She said the side of the building was damaged but there were no windows in the area.

Stoker said school officials contacted the sheriff's office and Granite School District security.