Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos was in critical but stable condition Saturday after suffering a relapse in his bout with pneumonia and bronchial asthma, hospital officials said.

Marcos, 71, had been in guarded condition Friday but began running a fever, said Norma Kop, a spokeswoman for St. Francis Medical Center where Marcos has been confined since Jan. 19.Marcos remained in the hospital's intensive care unit and was still breathing with the aid of a respirator, according to a statement issued Saturday morning.

Marcos' worsened condition "means there is infection again," said Gemmo Trinidad, a Marcos family spokesman. "I would suspect it's the lungs because of the tracheostomy."

A tracheostomy, a surgical incision in the trachea, was done Feb. 1 to relieve a buildup of fluid in Marcos' lungs.

Marcos and his wife, Imelda, have lived here since Marcos' ouster from power in February 1986.

The Marcoses are under U.S. indictment for allegedly stealing more than $100 million from their homeland and stashing much of the money in the United States.

Defense lawyers for Marcos asked a federal judge in New York on Friday to remove the former president from a racketeering case for medical reasons.