"Dear Governor, We would like to talk to a real governor, instead of talking about a dead governor. Sincerely, Chuck Collier."

That letter is just one of about 200 letters sent Gov. Buddy Roemer, asking him to speak to several eighth-grade Louisiana History classes at Morgan City Junior High. It is also typical of the letters students around the Bayou State send Roemer on an almost daily basis.Other students asked the governor to come to the school because they were told by their teacher to write the letters.

"We have to write you for a grade. She told us to ask you to come visit the school," wrote Joshua Mater, who also had a favor to ask.

"By the way, I've been wanting to ask you if you would build us a skateboard ramp 8 ft high and 12 foot wide. It'll only cost about $300 hundred. Huston has the biggest skate park in the world. Please come."

Others simply asked the governor to come so they could meet a "real" governor.