The Higher Education Joint Appropriations Subcommittee rejected a last-minute request by the State Board of Regents Thursday to increase its recommendation for the higher-education budget by another $324,000. It also voted down a proposal to redistribute an anticipated $1.3 million in fuel and power savings among the schools.

Under the proposal, a larger share of the savings would have gone to the University of Utah and Weber State College, which generated the bulk of the savings.The subcommittee had agreed Wednesday to recommend a $367.6 million budget for higher education - an amount $1.7 million more than the legislative analyst's recommendation but $9.6 million less than the regents recommendation. The subcommittee's recommendation plows the $1.3 million in savings from fuel and power into enrollment growth costs and research overhead reimbursement.

In the vote, the legislators reaffirmed their budget recommendation, agreeing with Sen. Fred Finlinson, R-Salt Lake, that it will difficult enough to hang onto the fuel and power savings for higher education.

The subcommittee's recommendation went to the Executive Appropriations Committee Thursday. It will be considered by that committee Tuesday.