Drinking and driving really won't mix for teenagers if a bill passed out of the House Education Committee becomes law. The law would hit teenagers where it hurts the worst - right in their wheels.

Adolescents who are guilty of drug and alcohol offenses will lose their licenses to drive if the measure, HB7, passes the House and Senate. The measure has 39 sponsors, an indication of the support it can expect at least in the House.On the first offense, a judge may choose whether to impose the license suspension. On the second offense, a six-month suspension or suspension until the adolescent is 17 is mandatory and a third offense would result in a one-year suspension, or suspension until the teenager reaches age 18, whichever is longer.

Rep. Kim R. Burningham, the primary sponsor, said the bill is intended to encourage adolescents to avoid alcohol and drug abuse. "Most people pick up these habits in their teen years," he said. "This is intended to protect them."