Here are quotes by President Bush on the major issues he addressed in his budget message Thursday:

ADOPTION: "For those children who are unwanted or abused, or whose parents are deceased, I believe we should encourage adoption. I propose to re-enact the tax deduction for adoption expenses, and to double it to $3,000. Let's make it easier for these kids to have parents who love them."CAPITAL GAINS TAX: "I propose that we cut the maximum tax rate on capital gains to increase long-term investment. History is clear: this will increase revenues, help savings and create new jobs."

CHEMICAL WEAPONS: "Chemical weapons must be banned from the face of the earth, never to be used again. This won't be easy. Verification will be extraordinarily difficult. But civilization and human decency demand that we try."

DRUGS: "Let this be recorded as the time when America rose up and said `No' to drugs. The scourge of drugs must be stopped. I am asking tonight for an increase of almost $1 billion . . . to escalate the war against drugs."

EDUCATION: "The longer our graduation lines are today the shorter our unemployment lines will be tomorrow."

ENVIRONMENT: "We need a new attitude about the environment. We must protect the air we breathe. I will send to you shortly legislation for a new, more effective Clean Air Act.

"We must protect our oceans. I support new penalties against those who would dump medical waste and other trash in the oceans. The age of the needle on the beach must end."

MEDICAID: "I ask for full funding of Medicaid - an increase of over $3 billion - and an expansion of the program to include coverage of pregnant women who are near the poverty line."

NUCLEAR WEAPONS: "The spread of nuclear weapons must be stopped. I will work to strengthen the hand of the International Atomic Energy Agency."

PARKS: "We must not neglect our parks. So I am asking to fund new acquisitions under the land and water conservation fund."

SAVINGS AND LOANS: "Earlier this week, I announced my support for a plan to restore the financial and moral integrity of our savings system. I ask Congress to enact our reform proposals within 45 days. We must not let this situation fester."

SOCIAL SECURITY: "We have a moral contract with our senior citizens. In this budget, Social Security is fully funded, including a full cost-of-living adjustment. We must honor our contract."

SPACE EXPLORATION: "I request funding for NASA and a strong space program - an increase of almost $2.4 billion over the current fiscal year. We must have a manned space station; a vigorous, safe space shuttle program; and more commercial development in space. The space program should always go `full throttle up' - that's not just our ambition; it's our destiny."

STRATEGIC DEFENSE INITIATIVE: "I will vigorously pursue the Strategic Defense Initiative. The spread and even use of sophisticated weaponry threatens global security as never before."