Prince Charles has agreed to donate to a cancer charity 15 pounds sterling for every pound of body weight a 210-pound fund-raiser sheds, the prince's office says.

Alma Whiteway, 59, whose husband, Les, died of cancer four years ago, said the crown prince told her when he opened St. Luke's Hospice for cancer sufferers in her hometown of Plymouth, England, that he would support any good idea to help it."My doctor said I could do with losing four stone (56 pounds), so the hospice wrote to the prince and he kept to his word," said Whiteway, who raises funds for the hospice.

Cmdr. Richard Aylard, the prince's secretary, confirmed that Charles would sponsor Whiteway at 15 pounds ($26) for every pound she sheds. He agreed to donate up to 840 pounds, or nearly $1,500.