American Fork City Recorder Richard Colborn has been elected president of the Central Utah Recorders/Clerks Association.

Pleasant Grove City Recorder Charmaine Childs was elected vice president, and will take office as president in 1990.Joyce Terry, Woodland Hills town clerk, will continue as secretary-treasurer of the group.

The 30-member organization serves the area from Lehi to Levan and from Delta to Ferron, and strives to promote professionalism and standards of efficiency among city recorders.

A city recorder is responsible for all city records - from taking minutes at council meetings and managing accounts payable to overseeing utility billings and expediting bids on city projects. But city recorders wear one additional hat, Colborn said: Information Giver.

"When they (residents of a city) want information, they know they can call the city recorder," Colborn said. "The city recorder knows what is going on in most departments and is able to answer questions from the public or to tell them where they can go to get an answer."