Lawmakers ignored a warning Wednesday that a criminal along the lines of recently executed serial killer Ted Bundy could take advantage of the ability to drink alcohol aboard a charter bus or limousines.

"If you're going to have drinking on buses and women drivers, what can happen? Just to have one Ted Bundy . . . ," Joy Beech, spokeswoman for Families Alert of Utah, told members of the House Transportation and Public Safety Committee.Beech described an incident in which a woman bus driver was kidnapped at gun point by a drunken man, immersed in cold water and sexually assaulted during more than two days of captivity.

Several committee members, however, said what the conservative lobbyist really wanted was to prohibit drinking entirely. "I don't think Ted Bundy used a limousine or a charter bus," said Rep. Daniel Tuttle, D-Salt Lake.

The committee passed the bill after an attempt to hold it to address some of Beech's concerns failed. The bill would permit passengers on charter buses, such as those bound for gambling tours of Wendover, Nev., and in limousines to drink their own alcohol.

Although that has been the practice for years, the state recently began enforcing a provision in the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act that Dmitrich said is contradicted by another statute that permits drinking on charter buses.