At 88 some people might be content to sit home and talk about the weather, but not Howard Norman.

Norman, who will turn 89 March 11, just doesn't talk about the weather, but has been taking daily observations since January 1965 for the Salt Lake office of the National Weather Service. He was recently recognized for his volunteer efforts.Norman, who was presented the Holm Award, believes he has only missed one day since he began gathering the data. His reports are timely, accurate and consistent, and he takes good care of the equipment, said William J. Alder, meteorologist in charge of the Salt Lake office of the NWS.

Alder and Dean Hirschi, cooperative program manager for the Weather Service, presented the award to Norman, one of 11,600 volunteer observers across the country.

The award is named after a Lutheran minister who was the first person known to have taken systematic weather observations in the American colonies in the mid-1660s.

Years ago in Gunnison, the weather station was located at the old sugar factory. When the factory was demolished, Norman agreed to have the weather equipment placed in his backyard. His grandson, Jim Sanders, took readings for a year or so. Information gathered by Norman appears in the Gunnison Valley News.

A widower for 25 years, Norman plays in a bowling league once a week during the winter in Richfield and used to bowl in Ephraim. Until about two years ago he used to golf almost daily at Palisade State Park, where he walked instead of riding a cart around the course.

He is the principal owner of the independent Gunnison Telephone Co., where he spends an hour or two watching the office each day while employees go to lunch.