A Harvard Business School graduate was charged Wednesday with having her lawyer's leg broken with a baseball bat to force a mistrial in her grand larceny and forgery case.

Marsha Allen, 36, of South Orange, N.J., paid an unidentified assailant $500 to attack her former lawyer, Ozro Wells, as he left his office in lower Manhattan Dec. 15, 1987, the indictment charged."The defendant and others agreed to break Wells' leg using a baseball bat and thereby make it impossible for him to attend any court session in connection with defendant's ongoing trial," said the indictment, which charged Allen with first-degree assault and conspiracy.

At the time of the attack, prosecutors had nearly completed their case against the suspect, who was accused of stealing $44,000 from her former employer, Equitable Life Assurance Society of America, by charging it for moving expenses she already received from AT&T, also a former employer, said Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau.