Utahns suffering from aches, fevers and chills received a bitter pill to swallow Wednesday.

Type B influenza, which has sent hundreds of citizens to bed, has now been joined by both Type A influenza and parainfluenza.Simply put, this means that you can get sick again - and again.

State epidemiologist Craig Nichols said people who have had Type B are not immune to the latest viruses to arrive stateside. In fact, a person can contract all three.

Although individuals can be vaccinated against Type A, Nichols says it's too late now. Prescription drugs, however, are helpful in treating Type A.

"The problem is with having both A and B (in the state) is that physicians have difficulty telling them apart and don't know if the drug will help or not," he said.

The flu outbreak, which has caused widespread absenteeism in schools throughout the state, is far from over.