It's time the state got serious about better regulating the sale of locally produced chemicals that often end up on the streets as illegal drugs.

That, at least, is the message the Utah County Council of Governments is sending the state Legislature.During its February monthly meeting, the council passed a resolution supporting HB3. The proposed legislation would better regulate the sale of chemical "precursors" used to produce methamphetamines by requiring prospective purchasers to show picture identification and wait several days after submitting requests to buy the chemicals.

Orem Police Sgt. Terry Taylor said the chemicals, produced by firms in Utah and Salt Lake counties, are used legitimately in producing nose spray. The local firms have assisted authorities in trying to keep the chemicals from drug dealers, he said, but large amounts are still ending up as "speed."

Taylor said proceeds from drug sales line the pockets of drug dealers and methamphetamines produced in adjacent states often find their way back into Utah.