The Higher Education Joint Appropriations Subcommittee approved Tuesday a recommendation that higher education receive a $4.8 million supplemental appropriation for fiscal 1989.

The recommendation will be forwarded to the Executive Appropriations Committee.From the general fund, the subcommittee recommends spending $2.1 million for eight items. The subcommittee did not set priorities for the items except to note its No. 1 recommendation - $56,200 to fund the remainder of the 1988-89 lease commitment for Dixie College's share of the Dixie Center, a convention-recreation complex in St. George.

Other supplemental recommendations include: linking Dixie College to the statewide educational television network, $259,000; increased utility costs at Utah Valley Community College, $74,500; increased hazard insurance costs at Salt Lake Community College, $41,000; purchase of new theater equipment at Southern Utah State College, $251,000; moving expenses of SLCC's aircraft program, $78,400; maintenance of SLCC's South High campus, $400,000; and University of Utah health insurance reserve, $950,000.

The subcommittee also agreed to support a $1.4 million appropriation for library acquisitions and equipment at the nine colleges, with $1 million coming from the mineral-lease surplus, if available, or all of it from the general fund, if necessary.

If mineral-lease money is available, the subcommittee would also like $1.3 million spent on laboratory projects and equipment at Utah State University, U. of U. and College of Eastern Utah.