Organizers for Salt Lake City's bid for the Winter Olympics want the state to pay $2 million a year for 10 years, or a total of $20 million, to attract the Games, state senators were told Tuesday.

A resolution will be introduced in the Legislature promising the money in years to come but with some reservations. For example, lawmakers want the U.S. Olympic Committee to promise that if Salt Lake City is selected and the money is spent to build various Winter Game facilities, the city will remain the official U.S. nominee until the United States and Salt Lake City are finally chosen by the International Olympic Committee to host the Games."That may be a tough requirement," said Sen. Fred Finlinson, R-Murray. Anchorage is currently the official U.S. nominee and Salt Lake City is trying to take that nomination away. "If Anchorage's bid contained the same restriction, Salt Lake City wouldn't have a chance," Finlinson said.

Local organizers believe it will cost $40 million total to build facilities needed to get the Games - $20 million from the state and $20 million from local governments who want to host different events. Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Ogden, Alta and other local governments that will host events want the state to use the 3/64th percent sales tax the state has promised local entities to help pay their $20 million share, senators were told.