A presidential board that conducted a series of public hearings on controlling cancer recommended Wednesday that tobacco be classified as a drug and subjected to regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.

The recommendation, one of a series made by members of the presidentially appointed National Cancer Advisory Board, was designed to "intensify the pressure and activity in America to eliminate smoking and tobacco use, creating a tobacco-free society by the year 2000."As part of the pressure against tobacco use, the panel recommended that smoking be banned on all airlines and other public transportation.

It also called for smoking to be forbidden in the workplace, in all public areas and in the schools.

The board also said that ban should apply to smokeless tobacco in schools. It also called for organized athletics to focus attention on smokeless tobacco, just as was done earlier in professional sports for cigarettes.

The board said its report emphasizes "that eradication of tobacco use is essential and would have measurable results in reducing cancer mortality."