SB210 (C.E. Peterson) - Changes what is required on vehicle titles.

SB211 (Rees) - Requires the Health Department to create radioactive waste siting criteria.

SB212 (Hillyard) - Changes sentencing provisions regarding more than one offense.

SB213 (McMullin) - Requires annual audits of special improvement districts.

5000+v SB214 (Hillyard) - Requiring insurers to notify lien holders before paying any claim.

SB215 (Barlow) - Provides additional expenditures from the budget reserve account to fund education short falls under certain circumstances.

SB216 (C.A. Peterson) - Changes the way property tax is collected.

SB217 (Tempest) - Standardizes injury and illness record keeping.

SB218 (C.E. Peterson) - Exempts certain warranties and service contracts from the insurance code.

SB219 (Tempest) - Requires that payment of workers' compensation award shall begin within 30 days after any final Industrial Commission award.

SCR8 (C.G. Peterson) - Encourages citizens to attend the Jeremy Ranch Indian Benefit Golf Tournament.

SJR13 (Pace) - Commends the Close Up Foundation for its sponsorship of the Citizen Bee.

SJR14 (Barton) - Changes the constitution to allow taxation of real property and real property improvements differently.

SJR15 (Barton) - Exempts personal business property of business from taxation.


HB314 (Ellertson) - Amends provisions regarding probation.

HB315 (Prante) - Provides damages for failure to correct or update incorrect negative information on a consumer credit file.

HB316 (Prante) - Repeals existing provisions for involuntary dissolution for failing to file annual reports or pay taxes, requires the filing of a biennial report instead of an annual report, provides fines for failure to file reports, imposes personal liability on officers, directors and certain shareholders if the corporation fails to pay fines, allows reinstatement of corporations previously dissolved, clarifies the number of incorporators required and removes the requirement to state the value of stock.

HB317 (Wilson) - Prohibits public employees from using public funds to influence a candidate, issue or proposition on the ballot.

HB318 (Rose) - Creates a limited immunity from suit for design professionals.

HB319 (Rushton) - Provides limitations for claims for benefits paralleling those of workers' compensation benefits.

HB320 (Dmitrich) - Eliminates restrictions so that the Industrial Commission may decide the appropriate manner for finding the existence of permanent total disability and eliminates the Social Security retirement offset for recipients of those benefits.

HB321 (James) - Creates a substance abuse treatment loan program guaranteed by the state.

HB322 (Ellertson) - Amends provisions regarding juror and witness fee procedures and amends the fee amounts.

HB323 (Nix) - Reduces the penalty for late payment of sales tax prepayment.

HB324 (Bradshaw) - Requires certain specific employment information to be reported for purposes of employment security.

HB325 (Evans) - Allows discharge of fireworks under certain circumstances and authorizes political subdivisions to regulate.

HB326 (Rose) - Increases the penalty for operating a motor vehicle without insurance.

HB327 (Bishop) - Provides that local school boards may adopt a mentor teacher program and provides for assistance to first-year teachers and non-probationary teachers who have been identified as performing in a way so unsatisfactory that dismissal or improvement is essential.

HB328 (Bradford) - Changes the Real Estate Recovery Fund Act to eliminate a conflict with the federal bankruptcy code and clarifies other provisions relating to payments from the fund.

HB329 (Knowlton) - Making certain agencies subject to certain uniform acts.

HB330 (Rose) - Amends the elements of the offense of brandishing a weapon.

HB331 (Hunter) - Defines moral nuisance, provides for abatement of or injunction against moral nuisances and for procedural requirements and other matters relating to those actions.

HB332 (Ockey) - Expands the duties and responsibilities of state agencies and the risk manager and restricts the use of information obtained or produced by the risk manager.

HB333 (Ostler) - Requires hospitals to submit itemized billing statements to patients.

HJR26 (J. Moody) - Proposes to amend the Utah Constitution to allow counties, cities and towns to establish special districts to provide health care services.

HJR27 (Evans) - Honors Col. Mark Stephansen and all veterans of the Vietnam War and urges the Executive Appropriations Committee to authorize an expenditure of $10,000 to complete a Vietnam Memorial on the grounds of the state Capitol.

HJR28 (Rose) - Encourages all levels of government and private interests to participate in the establishment of a Salt Lake valley trails master plan.

HCR11 (Ostler) - Encourages the Public Service Commission of Utah to identify and eliminate undue burdens and barriers to the ability of suppliers of electric power in the state to allow the benefits of competition in the industry to flow through to users of electric power.

HCR12 (Adams) / Expresses opposition to Congressional consideration of designation of additional land in Utah as wilderness until the Bureau of Land Management completes its study and makes recommendations; suggests "areas of critical concern," as a new category of land management; recommends designations be studied for their impact on the local and state economy; and expresses opposition to any designation of land that affects revenues from state and institutional trust lands.