Union Pacific Railroad and Salt Lake Community College have joined forces to provide training for the company's signal employees.

About 15 employees will start training this month with another 15 starting in March and another 15 starting in April.The school of continuing and community education at SLCC, in cooperation with the U.P. Technical Training and Signal Department, have arranged an unusual educational delivery system to fit the company's needs, school officials said.

Trainees will spend 40 hours at the school's Redwood Road campus receiving basic instruction in formal class and laboratory training. Then they will go to the worksite, and during the next 51/2 months start correspondence study and use an individual electronics kit.

Also, on one or two nights per week, students have the opportunity to call the SLCC instructor on the telephone to ask questions. In this way, the instructor can monitor the students' progress.

At the end of the six-month program, the students return to the classroom for another 40 hours of training and evaluation. The six-month cycle is then repeated on a more advanced level.