They don't look much like Jane Fonda, but hefty Sharlyne Powell and Sharon McConnell are making a splash in the excercise video market with a tape for large women.

The former housewives, who founded the Yakima-based Women At Large excercise studios, star in a slick new video designed for people whose bodies have more curves than angles."It's been on the market almost a month and we've sold 11,000 copies," Mrs. Powell said Tuesday.

The $160,000 production was financed by the women and television host Robb Weller, of "Entertainment Tonight" and the "Home" show several months ago.

"They were terrific people and they watned to do some other projects with us," Mrs. Powell said.

The video, which sells for $29.95, is just the latest success for Women At Large, a chain of excercise studios founded by two, self-described bored housewives in 1983.

The clubs cater to the 30 million women in the nation who wear clothes size 16 or above. Instructors average 175 pounds, and the goal is to build fitness and self-esteem, not lose pounds.

In their determination that pounds do not matter, both women refuse to disclose their ample weight.

Women At Large has sold 24 franchises around the country since 1986 and is negotiating with franchises in Japan, Mrs. Powell said.

"I'm ready to really bust out with it now," she said. "I have all the systems in place."

The two have become media darlings in the last year.

They filmed a segment of the "Today" show on Wednesday morning, then were scheduled to depart for Los Angeles on Monday for national and local television and newspaper interviews.

Shortly after, they depart for a cross-country tour.