Time for the children to do the choosing.

In recognition of National Newspaper in Education Week, March 6-10, the Deseret News sponsors a "No Books Day" in the schools throughout the state. Rather than using textbooks, students spend the school day in learning activities strictly from the newspaper pages.The Food Section will participate in "No Books Day" by inviting students individually or as a class to submit their favorite dessert recipes for the March Exchange. Recipe testing will be done by two panels of students, one elementary and one secondary group, rather than our staff of home economists.

Teachers, parents and grandparents are encouraged to share dessert recipes that are appropriate and enjoyed by children.

Rules for submitting recipes are:

1. Submit only one recipe per sheet of paper. All the recipes can be mailed in one envelope. Include name and address with each recipe. Mail to Recipe Exchange, Deseret News, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, UT 84110.

2. No more than three recipes will be accepted from any one person.

3. Recipes must be postmarked by Friday, Feb. 17, 1989.

4. When recipes are identical, the recipe with the earliest postmark will be selected for testing.

5. Recipes will be selected and tested by a panel of students, with the best recipes printed in the Deseret News Food Section on the first Tuesday in March. Readers whose recipes are selected will receive $5.