Denise Morris had a hard time going to work the next day.

"I was nervous," she said. "I was not sure how people would respond to what my husband said."Her husband is Utah County Commission Chairman Brent Morris, who during a news conference last week called for Geneva Steel to dramatically increase its pollution-control efforts.

Since March 1988, Mrs. Morris has worked in Geneva's timekeeping department, so the commissioner's comments were the source of no small anxiety for his wife.

"My supervisor told me that before yesterday upper management didn't even know I was employed here," Mrs. Morris said. "I guess they know now."

Despite her situation, she is keeping to the family line for clean air. The issue is not one of employment, but of health, Mrs. Morris said.

When she arrived at work Tuesday morning, Mrs. Morris said fellow employees were just becoming aware of her husband's comments. She said she had not encountered any hostility.

"So far, everything has been OK," she said. "Some people have just wondered what we are trying to do."