The University of Utah College of Engineering will receive a $1.2 million gift of laboratory equipment over a two-year period from the Hewlett-Packard Co., it was announced Monday.

"We're pleased to be able to make this donation to the University of Utah," Brent Smith, the company's Salt Lake district sales manager, told U. faculty and administrators at a luncheon in the U. Alumni House honoring Hewlett-Packard. "The University of Utah means a lot to us at Hewlett-Packard." The company is an international manufacturer of measurement and computation products and systems.In addition to the grant, the college will commit $300,000 for purchasing Hewlett-Packard equipment for its teaching laboratories in all seven engineering departments. The U. was able to commit the money after the Legislature appropriated $1.3 million to the university in a special session in July.

"We have placed a very high priority on the College of Engineering and this, it seems to me, comes at a very appropriate time," Clayton said. He said the college has needed updated equipment for the past several years.

Hewlett-Packard will supply various computer work stations, oscilloscopes, gas chromatographs, analyzers, detectors and other equipment for a new program that college administrators call the Hyper-Instrumentation Environment. Cliff Bryner, associate dean of the college, said the new equipment allows for simultaneous communication as students work together solving real-life laboratory problems.