To the editor:

Bundy is dead, but the purveyors of pornography, whose pernicious product changed a promising young man into a depraved killer, are still alive and prospering.They are equally guilty, with him, of the horrible deaths of an untold number of beautiful young ladies. These dealers in death and degradation show no remorse as they continue their work of destruction, to line their pockets with bloody money.

Why do we continue to tolerate this evil among us? Those profiting from it loudly proclaim their right to do so under the right of free speech. Nonsense! The Constitution also provides for free trade, yet laws to restrict free trade have long been held to be constitutional.

Is it not of greater importance to control that which goes into the mind? Filth implanted there remains to ferment and fester.

Women, united, could stamp out this pernicious evil. A boycott of every establishment that distributed pornography would help, but it would merely drive it underground. However, it would not then be flaunted on every newsstand. Laws defining and prohibiting its production and distribution would also help.

But the only way to really stop it is to convert all, and particularly the youth, to the sanctity of the human body, the purity of our mothers and future mothers, and to the "strength of being clean."

Perris S. Jensen

Salt Lake City