A 14-year-old in Grand Island, Neb., was stunned to receive a response to his "Dear Manson" letter. Lario Alcorta, a ninth-grader, wrote Charles Manson as part of a journalism project, asking if the notorious killer had changed his beliefs about society, what he would do if he was put on parole, "how he was doing mentally" and whether he would kill again if he was released. Back came a barely legible postcard of babble: "You want one to fix what many have done," Manson wrote. "All you wrote about was the judgment made by others and pushed over on me to carry. People have made me to be all the frills of their own world and put me up to die for it." Alcorta's mother, Jan Jakubowski, said she and her husband were not too thrilled when her son wanted to write Manson but they decided to let him do it. "We certainly didn't expect a response," she said.