Women often have a harder time keeping warm in cold weather than men for several reasons. They generally eat less, which means they have less fuel to turn into heat. They also tend to dress more lightly. Ladies' Home Journal suggests a few ways to avoid winter chills.

Wear lots of layers that trap warm air and allow for adding or subtracting clothes as needed. Keep a good supply of clothes made of natural materials, such as cotton, silk or wool or light thermal synthetics, including Goretex or Thinsulate. Avoid clothes with tight ankle and wrist cuffs as they can restrict circulation to the extremities.Choose mittens over gloves to keep hands warm. Mittens expose less surface area to the cold and allow warm air to circulate inside them. Most important, remember the essential winter wardrobe item: a hat. It is true that 50 percent of body heat can escape through the head.

Make every effort to avoid long periods of sitting or standing outdoors when clothes are wet, since the combination of low temperature and dampness is a risk factor for hypothermia. Any form of physical activity will generate heat, so try chopping wood in the yard, cross-country skiing or just taking a brisk walk.