In a battle between snowplows and joggers, the mechanized beasts always win.

And the Utah Department of Transportation is asking joggers, pedestrians and stranded motorists to show a little common sense and courtesy to snowplow drivers.No accidents have yet been reported this year involving snowplows and joggers, said department spokesman Shirley Iverson.

"But there have been close calls and the drivers have been extremely concerned," Iverson said.

The popularity of jogging, running and walking, along with the growth in population along the Wasatch Front have caused problems for snowplow operators, especially in the cities during early morning hours and just after dark.

"In stormy weather, there is no place for them to jog so they get in the road," she said. "They are not easily visible to the snowplow drivers. A few of the drivers have indicated it was extremely frightening for them" to navigate around joggers.

Iverson's advice for joggers and others: "Be sensible about it."

"You're not nearly as visible to them as they are to you. We just recommend during these stormy days find someplace, a school track, where you're not going to be competing with the traffic."