The Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce began a "Shop Utah Valley" campaign Saturday at the University Mall parking lot.

The campaign is designed to encourage Utah Valley residents to shop in Utah Valley stores and to buy from Utah Valley merchants."It's a shame to see local money being spent at Salt Lake City retail outlets when our retail community is equal to or, in some cases, better than theirs," said Steve Densley, president of the Provo/Orem chamber.

Members of the chamber stood in 20 degree weather to stage a ribbon-cutting ceremony in front of a mov-able billboard that reads, "Invest in your future; shop Utah County."

In addition to the movable billboard, eight other billboards with the same message will be placed throughout Provo and Orem.

"When people shop here, they're helping their neighbors and they're broadening the tax base," said Densley.

Billboard space was donated by Reagan Outdoor Advertising, while paper for the signs was paid for by the chamber, Densley said.

"There's really no need for local people to shop in Salt Lake anymore," he said. "With Utah Valley having one of the lowest cost of living standards, products are cheaper here."