University personnel were rummaging through water-soaked files, computers and laboratory equipment to determine the amount of damage done by a waterline rupture.

A 1-inch waterline broke at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center Sunday, flooding five floors.John Dwan, community relations director, said the break shortly before 1 p.m. was unrelated to the frigid weather covering much of Utah over the weekend.

He said the cause of the break is unknown, but it is not thought to be weather related as the waterline that broke is located inside and near the center of the building.

No patients were affected by the flood because the area is not used for in-patient care.

The area includes cardiology, outpatient surgery, outpatient clinics, the laundry and pediatric faculty offices.

The rupture sent water cascading through the building, damaging ceilings, floors, furnishings, computers and laboratory equipment.

"The real question is how much damage is done to the computers in the area," Dwan said.

That will be determined when employees try to crank up the systems.