Global affairs and national security are the subjects of a Feb. 10 conference planned at the Salt Lake Hilton.

Gov. Norm Bangerter is scheduled to be the noon luncheon speaker.Lawrence L. Tracy, a retired U.S. Army colonel whose last military assignment was as senior defense adviser at the State Department, will speak on "Latin America - Critical Challenges Ahead."

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Daniel O. Graham, a former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency, will discuss "The Strategic Defense Initiative - Actualities and Consequences."

A. James Gregor will discuss "The Pacific Basin and U.S. Security Interests."

Richard Starr, former U.S. ambassador to Vienna, will speak on "Glasnost and Gorbachev - Fact or Fiction."

The seminar is sponsored by The National Strategy Information Center Inc. of New York and The Reserve Officers Association, and is co-sponsored by the Hinckley Institute of Politics, Salt Lake Community College and the Utah Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.